Intech3 clients continue to embrace offsite backup synchronisation

Intech3 clients continue to embrace offsite backup synchronisation
01/02/2014 admin

With “the cloud” becoming more and more prevalent in day-to-day business activities, it is only natural that backups follow the trend.

Most of Intech3’s clients have already migrated from legacy tape backup to image based backup-to-disk, and many are now extending their backup/disaster recovery solutions to include automatic backup synchronisation to offsite cloud storage, removing the need for staff to worry about remembering to take tapes or other storage media offsite.

This mitigates the risk of data loss for our clients – not only do they have immediate local access to backups for data and email restores, but in the event of a major disaster onsite a full backup of their key servers are available in an offsite location for data recovery.

Taking this a step further, a number of clients have also opted to move to a full offsite Disaster Recovery (DR) model whereby their key servers are not only synchronised offsite, but a working DR environment is automatically built and continually updated in near real-time in the offsite location. In this scenario, should a disaster occur the DR environment can be activated and staff can be up and running either over the internet or directly at the DR site within a short space of time, minimising business downtime and loss of productivity.