Connected Future

Intech3 is connecting businesses to their technology and reducing costs with a secure SD-WAN solution





Problem Identification

Recognising a pressing issue across many industries; escalating operational costs and in anticipation of a transition to Microsoft Azure, an opportunity was identified for Intech3 to capitalise on Fortinet’s industry-leading SD-WAN solution (Gartner).

This strategic move presents the chance to retire an outdated and expensive MPLS solution, effectively addressing the cost challenges faced by organisations.

Future-proof Planning

Working with Wavelink, one of Fortinet’s leading distributers in Australia a design was produced to connect all locations via SD-WAN whilst also leveraging Secure Access Service Edge (SASE).

Understanding the need to scale their client’s operation into the future, FortiGate firewalls have been deployed to each site, delivering a fast, scalable and flexible SD-WAN solution which supports cloud first & hybrid workforces.

In every solution design, Intech3 has a close eye on security. Using Fortinet Secure SD-WAN provides the perfect foundation for a seamless transition to SASE, which is based on the Zero-trust Network Access policy.

Solution Implementation

The deployment of Secure SD-WAN solutions by Intech3, powered by FortiManager and advanced firewall templates, is a pivotal milestone in providing a secure, efficient, and cost-effective network infrastructure.

Intech3 stands ready to assist organisations in implementing this transformative technology, delivering unmatched flexibility, security, and savings in a constantly evolving landscape.