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Intech3 understands Aged Care. Our experience extends from providing a virtual CIO at the highest level through to Helpdesk support on ground level.

Industry Situation

Time poor Aged Care workforces are primarily focused on looking after the elderly. Within this highly regulated sector, all relevant data needs to be input at the point of care. If this process is complicated or time-consuming, precious time is wasted which could be spent focused on resident needs.

Industry Understanding

Through Intech3’s entire stack of IT services, we can provide connected systems throughout Aged Care homes to enable staff to focus solely on care, without being distracted with IT burden. Having supported multiple facilities, our friendly support staff understand first-hand the unique challenges the Aged Care environment presents. Based on that, support is tailored accordingly. Intech3 are clearly aware Aged Care is a 24/7/365 business and are there for our clients when they need us most.

Future Road Mapping

Intech3 is constantly focused on IT innovation. We keep abreast of all emerging technologies and any advice we offer is future focused in its support of ICT best practice.