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Success in data heavy industries begins with a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery strategy


At Intech3, we understand that success in data heavy industries begins with a clear vision along with a comprehensive disaster recovery strategy.

Industry Situation

Intech3 are well aware of the importance of business continuity–and the challenges this poses. Whether planned or unplanned, business disruptions that aren’t managed effectively come at a high cost. Engineering and construction companies have a frequent need for multi-disciplinary teams to collaborate on data intensive files across multiple geographic locations. Ensuring this information is shared seamlessly, securely and is readily available is paramount.

Industry Understanding

With many organisations having employees working from multiple geographic locations, which now more than ever includes the home, ensuring collaboration on multifaceted projects is critical to business success. We build multiple levels of redundancy into the design of all ICT systems to ensure highly available data, and comprehensive backup and disaster recovery as part of the Cyber Resilience framework.

Future Road Mapping

Our in-depth knowledge of industry hardware, software and architecture unique to the engineering and construction sector not only sets us apart from our competitors, but also ensures all Intech3 solutions are robust, appropriate and future-focused.