Intech3 partners with MERU Networks

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Intech3 has become accredited MERU partners after identifying a number of opportunities to provide full density wireless coverage to a number of their clients in the Health and Ageing sector.  MERU were a perfect fit for Intech3 as their single-channel virtual cell technology has overcome a number of issues that have traditionally plagued wireless networks; such as dropouts, the requirement for channel planning and tuning / re-tuning of the network.  It is simple to deploy and manage, and in our opinion no other solution provides the level of reliability and simplicity at the price point that MERU does.

The benefits in Aged Care are enormous.  With electronic resident care systems becoming more common the wireless network is an enabler to allow information to be updated at the bedside via a tablet, preventing double-handling of data and associated inefficiencies and errors.  Intech3 has also seen benefits in general mobility throughout the facility, allowing medication management applications to leverage this technology to allow input of data directly from the medication trolley.  The technology is easily configurable for guest or visitor Internet access which further reduces the complexities of delivering these services to residents, families or third parties such as GP’s.

In the future Intech3 aims to expand on the service offerings made possible through full density wireless coverage, such as mobile voice over Wi-Fi, duress and security alarm, nurse call, and high resolution video consultation / diagnosis.