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A proud partnership for a worthwhile cause

In December 2023 Intech3 partnered with the Les Twentyman Foundation via a Club20 sponsorship.

A proud partnership

Intech3 proudly announces its support of the Les Twentyman Foundation by joining as a Club20 member. The Les Twentyman Foundation has a rich history of providing essential services and mentorship programs to disadvantaged youths. By becoming a Club20 member, Intech3 solidifies its support for the foundation’s mission, supporting “at-risk” youths to create a brighter future for themselves and their families.

Todd Afford Intech3’s Founder stated, “Our membership in Club20 reflects our belief in the foundation’s ability to create lasting change. By supporting initiatives that address the root cause, we contribute to building a resilient and empowered community”.

The Les Twentyman Foundation serves as a beacon of hope for vulnerable youth. Intech3 clients JP Flynn Builders and Dorman Capital Investment Group also support this worthwhile cause demonstrating like-mindedness that success is not only measured in business achievements but also in the positive impact made on the communities we serve.

Intech3 is also supporting the foundation by collecting pre-loved laptops. These devices are essential for getting kids back in the classroom and off the streets. These laptops and tablets play a crucial role in levelling the playing field and providing equal opportunities for young people in need.

Help us make a difference in the lives of young people in need by donating your unused laptops and tablets! Intech3 will assist in wiping all data from the device before providing to the Les Twentyman Foundation.

Reach out to our if you have old devices to donate.