ADP Consulting

ADP Consulting is a multi-services engineering consultancy employing over two hundred staff, with offices nationally across Australia.





Problem Identification

With staff located in offices expanding beyond Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, a key challenge for the business was in managing the sharing and distribution of large 3D digital design and modelling files across multiple disciplines and regions.

Future-proof Planning

A plan was required that allowed for the networking of memory intensive files and optimal project collaboration across multiple geographic locations. A network redesign was developed and implemented to improve network speed and data availability between locations. Meeting with ADP’s software vendors Intech3 designed, built and implemented new server infrastructure to align all locations of the business, enabling efficient, synchronised high availability of data.

Solution Implementation

Implementation of industry leading cloud storage technology helped provide ADP with agility to scale up and down within their data needs as required, providing maximum flexibility, increased collaboration and maximised return on investment. Disaster recovery was developed and implemented to safe guard against emergencies.

Post installation of the refreshed network and server infrastructure, Intech3 provided ongoing support of the overall ICT environment for ADP which has resulted in an ongoing and trusted technology advisory partnership.