Private Wealth

In the world of private wealth, it is imperative that any high net worth individual has explicit trust in those managing their ICT solutions.

Intech3 have developed a long-standing partnership with several family offices who manage high net worth portfolios, with trust playing an integral role in each successful relationship.

As part of Intech3’s drive for continuous improvement of our clients’ Cyber Resilience strategy, Intech3 recently conducted an in-depth analysis of the current Cyber Security posture with a view of identifying areas of improvement for one of theseclients. From here we developed a Cyber Resilience roadmap aligned to a series of baseline mitigation strategies recommended for organisations, titled Essential Eight. 

The new ACSC Essential Eight maturity model became available in July 2021, giving Australian organisations guidance on how to implement security risk mitigation strategies. The maturity model uses a scoring system from 0-3 to help identify each organisation’s security posture and the tactical future steps to enhance digital defences. Implementation of these strategies greatly reduces the chances for adversaries to compromise systems.


Private Wealth



Problem Identification

For each high net worth client, confidentiality and security of personal, corporate and financial data is paramount. An ongoing increase in malicious Cyber activity globally year on year highlights the need for a resilience posture and a specific strategy to continuously improve and stay ahead of potential threats.


Future-proof Planning

The Cyber resilience Essential Eight roadmap is an ongoing continuous improvement strategy. While the primary focus is on short term changes to improve Cyber Resilience, additionally there is a long term strategic outlook built into the roadmap. Intech3 understand that IT security isn’t a one-off change and requires ongoing attention to ensure all clients are protected.

Solution Implementation

Intech3 is a trusted advisor to a number of family offices. In addition to the technology aspects of cyber resilience, we build meaningful and long-lasting partnerships that instil trust and confidence.

Thorough investigation around application control, application hardening and penetration testing is used to identify areas of improvement. Following findings from the security analysis stage, Intech3 develop tailored Cyber resilience roadmaps to implement and manage change across all IT environments, bolstering our clients’ cyber security posture.

With the roadmap implemented, we work collaboratively to manage change and train staff where required. Intech3 are well aware that technology plays a large role in securing an IT environment, but the role people play is just as important Continuous education to all key staff members is therefore essential.