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Advancing Aged Care

Successful Implementation of Intech3’s ICT Digital Roadmap at Shepparton Villages

Advancing Aged Care

With a distinguished track record of delivering ICT services for over seven years, Intech3 proudly announces the successful completion of a comprehensive ICT Digital Roadmap for Shepparton Villages, a prominent community-based leader in aged care and one of the largest employers in the region. In 2022, Shepparton Villages enlisted the expertise of Intech3 for Virtual Chief Information Officer (V-CIO) services, setting in motion a strategic initiative aimed at defining and optimising their ICT framework.

The resulting Critical Path to IT Strategy, presented to Shepparton’s board, underscored four pivotal components: a meticulous review of the Business Systems Landscape, enhancement of Cyber Security measures, implementation of an IT Governance Framework, and a thorough IT Infrastructure Review.

Subsequent to the strategic blueprint, Intech3 spearheaded various projects to enhance Shepparton Villages’ technological infrastructure. The initial undertaking involved a comprehensive business systems review, with a specific focus on Shepparton’s patient management system and a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) assessment. Leveraging over two decades of experience in the aged care industry, Intech3’s V-CIO services provided invaluable insights, guiding Shepparton Villages through the intricate analysis process.

Simultaneously, an ambitious IT Infrastructure program was launched, encompassing a Telecommunications Upgrade, migration of file services to SharePoint, and a server & storage upgrade. In collaboration with Next Comms Tech, Intech3 orchestrated an internet link upgrade across all sites, incorporating Fortinet Firewalls to establish Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) connectivity throughout the organisation. With improved internet connectivity, Intech3’s professional services team efficiently executed the migration of data to SharePoint, following a meticulously designed file structure and implementing secure, role-based access.

Concurrently, Intech3’s Solution Architects undertook a server and storage refresh initiative. Upon finalising the design, Intech3’s engineering team seamlessly configured, installed and transitioned to two new Gen10 HPE servers and replaced the end-of-life HPE Nimble with a cutting-edge NetApp storage appliance. The transition was executed flawlessly, with the new hardware now operational and entrusted to Intech3’s Managed Services team for ongoing support, monitoring, and maintenance.

As a culmination to this comprehensive digital transformation, Intech3 conducted a Cyber Security Review, aligning with the Australian Cyber Security Centre’s Essential Eight model. A collaborative effort with the organisation resulted in a thorough review, resulting in a detailed report. Subsequently, a cyber roadmap was presented for consideration after comprehensive digestion and discussion of the report.

While the completion of these transformative projects marks a significant milestone in Shepparton’s ICT strategy, Intech3 and Shepparton Villages remain committed partners as they transition into the next phase. As 2023 drew to a close, Shepparton’s CEO unveiled the Digital Governance Strategy, setting the stage for the upcoming year. Intech3 is honoured to contribute to this pivotal initiative, providing ongoing V-CIO services and fostering a steadfast partnership with Shepparton Villages.