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The many benefits of wait loss


The need for using high speed network connectivity to help expand access and quality of health care is growing. Intech3 understand the essential need medical experts have in ensuring IT is seamlessly connected to all areas of the medical facility they practice within. As they move from consulting room to room, the supporting IT infrastructure must follow without lag.

Industry Situation

Surgeons and their supporting staff are time poor and need responsive IT support in real-time whenever there is an issue.

Industry Understanding

Intech3 understands the nuances of the health industry. We work by stealth to solve IT related issues, ensuring not to interrupt the flow of any practise, or compromise patient-client confidentiality.

Future Road Mapping

Intech3 can benefit general and specialist practices by increasing efficiency and simplifying administrative workflows.

We are focussed on providing innovative ways to modernise accessibility, speed and reliability of new and ageing technologies, utilising our private cloud.